In this survey-style course, students will read their way through the history of Britain and British literature via works of fiction and non-fiction.  These include poetry, short stories, essays, a play, and a novel.  Students will evaluate the authors' intent, impact, and philosophies from a Christian viewpoint, while practicing moral and ethical responsibilities as readers, interpreters, and writers of English.

Literature I is a semester course that explores the elements of short story through writings of contemporary and classical authors as well as the drama of Shakespeare and the epic poem of the Greek bard, Homer. Our literary exploration will pose questions and topics relevent to today's society and to us as Christians.

LAF I is a freshman course designed to use and practice many reading and writing styles.

LAF II is a sophomore course.

LAF is Language Arts Foundations

Communications is a semester course focused on learning and developing forms of verbal and nonverbal communication.  Through public speaking, research writing, essay writing, and business correspondence, this course will help you to better understand proper discourse procedures, while developing skills and abilities through a variety of experiences with the English language.