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Due: Friday, 28 August 2020, 3:11 PM

Graphic Arts vs Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is all about communicating ideas through visual content, imagery, symbols, and text. We immediately think of posters, magazines and business cards, but today the reach of graphic content and the importance of design covers all areas of human activity.

What is graphic design?:

The idea that we can communicate visually is not new, in fact, humans have attempted to record ideas visually from the earliest of times through drawings, pictograms, and images on the cave wall. It's important to spend a little time with your students explaining that there is an incredibly rich history that overlaps with the entire history of art. Graphic Design is now an extremely broad interrelated series of design-based activities. 

Watch these three short videos by The Design Council and meet Neville Brody, the godfather of modern typography to hear directly from some of the world’s greatest designers:

What is graphic design?

Now let’s hear from some Graphic Designers about the wide variety of work they do and the history of graphic design:

What is graphic design? | What a graphic designer does

In this video, we’ll hear about the design process, and what needs to be considered in order to create good graphic designs:

What is graphic design? | The process

From watching these videos we can summarise that Graphic Design is not quite as simple as we may have initially thought, and covers a multitude of design disciplines and design concepts.

In this exercise, you will examine and research the core of Graphics Art/Design.  Work with two or three people near you and complete parts 1 and 2.  Be ready to discuss your thoughts with the class.

Part 1. Answer the questions by researching: (9 pts)

  • What is a digital artist? 

  • What is a graphic designer? 

  • Is there a difference? If so what is it? 

Part 2. The essentials Skills for digital arts and design are debated, some say there are 5 main skills, some say 12.

  • Research different views on the essential skills for graphic art/ design. 

  • From that research create a list of the 7 skills that you think are the most essential based on your research. 

  • Explain why those skills are essential from your list. 


3. Write a brief statement and explanation about which field of Graphics interests you the most. Would you rather be a graphic artist or a graphic designer? (2pts)

Type your answers in a document and then transfer them into the forum.

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Total Pts 30

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